Vision and Mission


Strateco wants to take advantage of the expertise found in Quebec and Canada to become one of the most respectable uranium companies in the world.


As a uranium company, our mission is to achieve promising results and to protect the health and safety of the workers, public and environment. Our mission is also to make sure that the public is informed of the nature of our operations and of the stakes related to uranium.

We believe that it is possible to combine health, environmental protection and economic prosperity. To achieve it:

Health and Safety – We recognize and appreciate the talent and expertise of our employees and workers, and ensure their health and safety through a clean, safe and secure workplace. These criteria also contribute to public protection.

Environment – Our professional team establishes adequate and essential measures to protect the fauna, flora, water and air. Additionally, we contribute to the production of a greenhouse gas emission-free source of energy.

Communities – We favour relations with the local aboriginal and non-native communities, and we consider their needs, preoccupations and propositions.

Investors – We make informed decisions and our actions aim to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with our investors.

Communication – By emphasizing on openness and transparency, we contribute to the dissemination of information and knowledge that the public needs to better understand the uranium industry.

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