Commitments to Communities | Matoush Uranium Project

Since acquiring the Matoush property in 2006, we have been making sure that the public is kept informed of the nature of our work and the issues related to uranium exploration, mining and use. By emphasizing openness and transparency, we help disseminate the information and knowledge the public needs to better understand the uranium industry.


We believe that it is essential to create and maintain strong bonds with local communities. To achieve this, we bring forward initiatives aimed at helping us better understand the needs, concerns and suggestions of the Mistissini Cree, as well as the citizens of Chibougamau and Chapais. Our actions are determined by our objective of ensuring that the Matoush Project development combines health, environmental protection, social acceptability and economic prosperity.


Our desire to integrate local communities into the Matoush Project development process, keep them informed on uranium-related issues and consider their concerns is reflected in numerous measures and initiatives. Some examples:

  • Meetings with the Chief of Mistissini and the Band Council
  • Meetings with the Grand Council of the Crees
  • Meetings with the Tallymen and the Cree families whose traplines are located on land covered by the Matoush Project
  • Meetings with elected officials of Chibougamau and Chapais
  • Meetings with local merchants and contractors
  • Meeting with the Chibougamau Chamber of commerce
  • Interviews and data collection among the local population (individual meetings)
  • Distribution of information pamphlets to Mistissini residents
  • Public preconsultation activities in Chibougamau and Mistissini
  • Site visits (local, provincial and federal representatives, Tallymen, etc.)
  • Discussions, open house and Focus Group in Mistissini and Chibougamau
  • Information sessions on the progress of the Matoush Project
  • Opening of Strateco offices in Chibougamau and Mistissini
  • Appointment of a Community Relations Manager
  • Regular updating of Strateco's website
  • A series of informative advertisements in La Sentinelle (Chibougamau) and the Nation (Mistissini) on the topics of radon, environmental impact, site safety, peaceful uses of uranium, transport of radioactive materials and site rehabilitation
  • Door-to-door in Mistissini to meet the people and answer their questions
  • Creation and distribution of several information documents on uranium-related issues, including the “Uranium. The Facts 2010” brochure
  • Participation in the annual conference of the Learning Together aboriginal organization
  • Presence in the media; information dissemination through interviews
  • Participation in various committees (Otish Mountains road, Plan Nord, Commission parlementaire sur le projet de loi sur la Loi des mines, etc.)
  • Public information sessions and public hearings in Mistissini and Chibougamau
  • Strateco signed a communication and information agreement with the Cree Nation of Mistissini (creation of the information and communication committee, creation of the positions of liaison officer and community relations manager held by Crees, etc.)

*** The list is neither complete nor final.

We consider that we have proposed and used a wide variety of means to learn about the public’s concerns and maintain ongoing communication. We will continue along this path, as we firmly believe that attaching particular importance to openness and transparency contributes to the social acceptance necessary for the proper development of the Matoush Project.